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Still haven’t decided on a specific model? Whether you choose a Boxster, a Cayman, a Cayenne, a 911 or a Panamera- Each Porsche Approved pre-owned car delivers a unique driving experience.

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The sports car among roadsters. Open-top, two seats and extremely agile. An open confession of driving pleasure.

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The Cayman epitomises the sportscar experience like virtually no other vehicle on the road. Immediately engaging. Instantly Porsche.

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Porsche Identity. Defined in form and function. With a driving experience that is immediate, direct, intense and inspirational.

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The brief did not specify a saloon. Nor did it specify a four-seater, or even all-wheel drive. It specified a Porsche. Sportscar technology for four.

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The embodiment of all Porsche values. Uncompromisingly sporty. Agile, dynamic and practical down to the final detail for everyday use.

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